Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Goodbye Buggy Spotify, Hello Rdio...

I feel I've given Spotify enough time to sort themselves out now. Years have passed and there remains an overwhelming amount of Spotify subscribers still trying to get bugs actioned which for some pretty critical issues with the platform, is just simply not acceptable for these to still be broken a year or two later.

With each update Spotify rolls out, you can guarantee it will throw another issue/bug/fuck up into the loop. The other day, the application (Windows 7 x86) seemed to roll out a silent update successfully breaking the 'Discover' feature, the 'Activity' feed feature and streaming kept stopping on it's own.

Aside from anything else, the app is clunky, ridiculously slow at starting up / waking up, un-user-friendly interface, the search functionality has never worked properly with hundreds of thousands of subscribers not having any of their playlists (that are set to public) findable via search, the radio is useless - it not only goes off on a tangent playing crap completely different to the station you started but will also not pay any attention to your thumbs up/down and will continue to play tracks you have previously thumbed down / told it not to.

Anyway, there are so many flaws with Spotify, this post could go on for some time but it's not anything any other users of Spotify won't be frustrated with or have noticed already. As such, my credit card conveniently expires at the end of this month and I won't be renewing my subscription with Spotify.

Instead, I'm making the transition over to Rdio which I've recently started using. First impressions are good, the UI is slicker, cleaner, the platform is easier to use, the suggestion of music is far fresher and more relevant and interesting, the sound quality is better.

I only hope there is some additions coming soon like creating your own playlists from locally stored music / uploading your own music and the ability to create folders/sub folders for collections.

If anyone know of an alternative to either of these that you're seriously impressed with, then please let me know!

There is an overwhelming amount of Spotify user's complaining about bugs, user interface and functionality - all of which has not been improved. Ever.

Why Is Spotify Such a Buggy Piece of **bleep**?
This really is the most buggy app ever!
Spotify is really buggy!

And the other umpteen thousand.

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Update May 2014 - After about two years, one of my playlists actually became findable in Spotify's search. Now it receives hundreds of subscribers a month. I don't think any of the others are findable but it's ridiculous that many years on, Spotify still hasn't fixed the bug with playlists not appearing in their search results.