About Me


I'm Geoff, more commonly known by my online pseudonym 'zigojacko' where you'll discover me on hundreds of networks and communities across the web.

I'm a founding director of The Clubnet Group which is the parent company of a number of agencies, most notably, Clubnet Search Marketing, a leading South West based digital marketing agency that stands out from the crowd by implementing highly strategic and bespoke multi-channel marketing campaigns for small, medium and large businesses across the globe.

I've got three children at home (Jake, Amy and Aidan) along with the better half of me (Vikki) - all of whom keep me on my toes every second that I'm not at the office.

The aim of this blog is to express any thoughts, opinions, stories of interest or just general rants in a more non-formal approach and really to act as an online journal for myself and anyone else out there who wants to listen.